Saturday, 30 January 2010

Great artist, great poet and a very good piece of music. Hope u guys enjoy this.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Plastic Life

I am breathing -
The cat and her nine lives
Absolute freedom is not -
Running away from your shadow

We feared the little things -
Like death and the unknown
When we are all those things
Nature comprised of...

Chasing but not finding
Can't escape from your highness
Your ignorance blinded the 'seeing'-
Within; prentending only to care or live

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Penny for Thought

A cold midnight
From my window
I witness the stagnancy -
Of a lifeless world

Looking upstairs to the asterixes
Fell a shine; into the woods it...
Will descend - I contemplated...I... -
Gave chase - storms gather fierecely

*Cling* - the shine falls into the ocean
Sea is furious - I panic in fear
I need the shine - but can't brave the rage...
Of her majesty, the sea - I may drown

Or be broken into pieces
A thought from heaven, descends to the abyss
My wholesomeness lies untouched
I cycle around the waves in fear...

Whilst my shine and beauty
Rests soul deep

Monday, 18 January 2010


Life is a constant battle
From since birth - I've been
Kicking and punching the air
Don't frown on my cruelty and innocence -

I blame it on the stench in the atmosphere
Its paradoxic effect got me turning on and off
Couldn't complain any more in this imbalance
So I delved in my soul -

And found my weapon to combat the stench
Now I'm cutting a pathway amongst -
Thick bushes and dying stars
Reviving them in memory...

Tweaking their conscience and
Replacing the comfort zones with rocks
So they could rest uneasy
And have a ponder over this darkness -

Which overwhelmed the 'ghettos' and 'shanties'
The only hope lied in our universal soul
Ignorance thought security was on the 'dough'
And died again without an essence to self or knowledge

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Coming and Going

It's my house, my car, my money
It's my blings, my designers, my clothes
It's my resort, my yacht, my mansion
Stay away from it or else...

It's my world - my everything
My predecessors fought to keep hold of these
Selfish - they were simple minded fools
Couldn't take all of these to the grave

I guess we came here with zilch
And we surely depart with zilch
Looking to leaving a legacy other than things...
Then call me as a co-creator of life

Looking to leaving a meaning which surpasses -
That of jasper or pearls or Jimmy Choos
Then buzz about my ears like a mosquito
I'll be happy to co-create wisdom with you -

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

An unusual epic of a remix by Clint Mansell. I think the original requiem for a dream was by Mozart - hope I'm right, my knowledge about classical music is really limited. Anyways, hope u guys enjoy it. I think its wonderful.

Lonely Nights

Those lonely nights and -
My only dreams were...
Upon a wish to be free -
Like the wind and carry -
Birds in my bossom

Those lonely nights and -
I only wished to burn this steel
Of a world that bounds me - I suffocate
I bruised in sorrow -

Trying to break free with mere might
I look to the heavens - I asked
Why do you continously glitter?
Why do you continously shine?

If we are one in spirit and soul
Then I know I have family and friends
At light years' length

Monday, 11 January 2010

Your Morning Smile

I was my star, my moon and my sun
I was my planets and my galaxies
Selfish me... -
So caught up in managing my verses

Failed to notice another light
Entering my space of reality
Shining brighter than none other -
I was blinded by my redemption

Getting closer and closer -
Its attraction put my work to stilldom
Is it a dream or a dejavu?
I put the test to my past or fore memories?

For I may have experienced this moment before
Maybe in the now now - or the hereafter
Still does the trick - still makes me feel like...fresh
Just another day, another sunshine - another smile...

Friday, 8 January 2010


The wellness of earth needs not be shaped by our differences. For if there is a difference between you and your shadow, then you'd cast me away like 'another' stranger and not your brother...

My reflection in a world of seperatists
Embraced all that there will be and all that there are
Reflections many voices woke me up from a sleep
It was the robin's tweet - a morning call
I fumed at the crow of the raven - but I needed
Another melody to test the rhythmical balance of my ears

Reflection's pace had me racing to the finish line
Riding at the back of the snail I yelled - hurry up, hurry up!!
For we might loose; it's all but in hesitance's glory
Competitive fuelled reality - 'winners' paradise, looser's hell'

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Mad World

Beautiful Song by Tears for Fears, came across it on one of my random music searches on Youtube. Lyrically powerful.

Love And Unity

It is a blind language 'cause...
It pinpoints to direction nowhere
And direction everywhere at one time
Had to rebuild my 'brand' image about it

I came to taste what love is like...
In a land where its flavour was completely lost -
Every being's mission was to find -
A piece of this grub to satisfy their hunger

Could she ever be found? Love was like the bird -
That flew to spaces and places spontaneous
Ignorance tried to capture it - instead of flying with it
Like religion's segregation and love's unity

Love's restriction stayed in one's comfort zone like fear
That’s why you are yours and I am mine
Now let the ones with true love call on unity...
Love may then become everything's oneness

Love of the world stayed at level descriptive
Echoed like empty words in empty houses
I will coin a new word for that 'love'
A burning passion - I called it breath

From the beginning to the end was this 'inhale and exhale'
Her essence stretched across the union of diversities
Like embracing all colours and breathing within them
Like you did unto your blood and lungs

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Missing This Creativity - The Gap

Finally back to stay
Seem to be away for a decade
Needed a few paid days
Race to survive can be a pain

What I love best is to scribble
In caves, on paper or on rocks
But the digging and the picking
Day by day - had my body stressing

Priceless pieces of gems -
Spreaded across my space - unorganised
Like the lost of common sense and natural living
I am re-gathering all the stars - to...

Structure them in logic to form a new constellation
The gap is now bridged - I'm back to stay
For another decade - better yet, a 'lifetime'
So catch me on the Zodiac's lounge...

Amongst pearls like beauty, love, peace, wisdom, unity -
We chill; amongst glitters like what you got blinded by -
When you stared directly at the morning light
I'm back and anewed like the morning dew
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