Thursday, 8 April 2010

Manifestations Of The I That I am

Illusions have been many a borrowed mind
Many years had I trod on the plains of fear
Sailing in great winds to places unchosen
It was upon someone's wish - So I have lived not

I saw the light - Nah, I am the light
I have risen HIGH from the dungeons of suffocation
Darkness tried but her hold was a failure
This was a prayer upon my heart -

I saw and felt my manifestation like a free bird
Master of my mind, master of my soul, controller of...
My destiny...the rest were illusions...
I am the WILL of FIRE...I cancelled tricks and fear
Always hidden, disguised under the covers of shadow - -

The Sun - I have risen and am SHINING
I am but the Sun...I have risen and am shining
I am but the Sun...I have risen and am shining
I am...that...I am...that I am

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