Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I was torched from inside
With the furious rage of lava
Words and life unexpressed
Bursts out of my mountains
Like tears amidst pain

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

This Ship

Earth is like the biggest ship
Sinking on a great scale like Titanic
Each second that passes by claims lives and minds
What are we doing to save this ship from sinking?

Some pretended in isolation
Like it's not their concern - bubbled freaks!
It's only a domino effect
And you might not feel normal and ok
When the ripples sweep you from under

Death - On the Easy

So disconnected from nature
We failed to ease on the easy
When we drifted away from the rythm of life
Which was not set like the clock, we paid a hefty fine

So now we are failing to breathe easy
Freedom is confined in a state of luxury
It's a rat race - and all your happiness is
Competitively measured within the next 24 hours...

Panic attacks, fear, anxiety, and the heart will scream -
Again tonite - for we are dis-eased
And - we will be de-ceased
Again and again - on this wheel of confusion...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Space and Time Philosophies

I needed no reasons to love
Neither did I need a reason to shine
Bathed in the rivers of nature
I tick to the tock of my journey

Space predefined my destiny
Time re-scheduled my limits
So I could only do much - just to an extent
Like enough or not enough...

Maybe I should just be contented with all this...
Maybe, I should just...
How do you create forever in a 'lifetime'?
That could mean death in collision with life!?!?

How about creating something timeless...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Shhhhh - Whispers

*Whispers* The house have ears
Shhhh - so watch what you are saying
The closest of friends
Could mean the greatest of fiends

Shhh - let your thoughts become...
Your actions
*Whispers* I said very much
And did very little...

It is over - my words are
My flesh...
Sorry mouth but-
You just didn't know when to...


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What The Ant Saw

It was upon the highest throne of heaven
Where I saw Saturn's magnificient shine
An empress like no other
Her eyes lit like our sun

I couldn't stare directly at her beauty
Captivating, her look pierced through -
My heart and left my soul hanging at tip of -
Her unforgiving rays

Upon the throne of earth she descended
And walked amongst the likes of men like a crystal
Reflecting on their thoughts and innermost nature
It was like a mirror to the soul...

What you see is what you are
Think bad thoughts about me - it bounces off on you
It's only one reflection - love me, love you
Hate me - then hate you; difference is only an illusion

For we are all one!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

A Journey Called Life

It has been lonely, sad and worrying
At times it felt scary and strange
It was like trodding through
The darkest valleys -

In the hope of reaching that light
At the end of the tunnel
It has been cold and wet
I have bathed in sorrow and emotions

I have been impatient - a bit hesitant at times
I have given up and given down
I have ridden on the tide of tears
I questioned many - but only found a few

It was only when I staggered upon a rock called Life-
Did my eyes finally open to a new reality

Thursday, 8 October 2009


The magnificence and greatness of my everything
Shone through my heart and projected...

Onto the walls of darkness to enhance vision
The colours of earth - is the beauty...
Of my heart

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Those that are detached from...
Reality, will do anything to...
Understand the meaning of it
But will always fail to live 'real'

Silly Little Dream

I am so high - I feel like a kite and -
I dreamt I was flying last night...
Jokes - that was the dove's humor

I'm sure it'd be much funnier
If you felt like I feel...
On a natural high like Sade -

It's been over a week and I missed the virtual world - I ducked underworld into this physical reality - accompanied by my camera and my cuzzins. One of those glorious hours in London's North Sides and it was a real spectacle when the sun was setting.

In the pictures are my cuzzins Carl and Nana.
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