Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ducking Under Shadows

They say if it's not seen
Doesn't mean that its not there
Out of sight doesn't mean out of touch -
Your vision might not be as sharp
As the blind person - work on it!

I slipped into my dark clothes
And disappeared into thin air
Like transparency -
Eye observed a lot but a lot...
Failed to recognise the 'I's...

Salif Keita and Cesaria Evora

One of the greatest artist to arise from Africa. He has such a great voice. The lady(Cesaria) is from Cape Verde 'I think' - two different languages, one great masterpeiece. Very relaxing hope u guys enjoy it...

Monday, 28 September 2009


I went down the shadow valleys of Kilimanjaro...
Walked crookedly on the hills of the Himalayas...
Manoeuvred through the hells of Soweto...
And paused for a meditative moment...
On the shores of Jupiter's infinite flow...

It was in search of a 'meaning' I forgot time ago
My journey of life from love to Live...
Escorted me through the turmoils of hot and cold
Wet and dry...like a season's birth and reason's death
My equilibrium was best described as lukewarmish

I headed down history's pathway into mysteries and myths
Accumulated experiences and knowledge's twists and turns...
Exploded my brains into the heaven's glory
The beauty of my mind - the stars' ensemble

The biggest story not to be told - they say is a mystery
But I say the biggest story unfolding is 'mystory'
I read me like a book; from page to page, I slowly
Unveiled the hidden treasures buried in my heart and my soul
I remembered my creator, remembered myself and lived my dreams

Friday, 25 September 2009

Good Day

I clothed myself with the day light
And took a walk amongst a world of
Puzzled faces and sorrowed hearts

On a simple voyage to change the this hour
I smiled and said Good day, ma'am
Good day sir, good day everybody
How are you living today?

Enya - Carribean Blue

This music is like errrrm, a snoozing hour for my soul. Very chilled and relaxed...

When God Slept

A nonillion dollars wasn't enough -
To rid this world of illnesses and afflictions
All the science, degrees and Phds- altered nothing
It's like reading a whole page of gibberish -
In the hope of reaching a striking sentence to uplift you

Not in this book of the world I suppose not
A billion leaders - billion men of God
And yet the grass wasn't green enough for the sheep
Now they're chewing through the wires and the metals
Spiralled out of control - where are the shepherds?!

Maybe it will be all right one day but...
Before that, it has to be all wrong for now -
I am thinking, either God is asleep
Or perhaps he can't hear our cries and screams
Any longer...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


The cat in me prowls and tiptoes
Slowly behind the shadows of
Ignorance - but he never realised...
That the time has come to arise - like the sun

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Quiet Time

Life's struggles turned me a writer
Imagine if the problems of the world...
Became no more - then what would I write about

A Tribe Called Quest

Talk about hip - hop, then ur sentences might not be complete without the 'Quest' - amazing production and rhyme styles. I love electric relaxation and I hope u guys enjoy it too...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The River's Last Breath

Sometimes I wish these acts were not committed
I only look back with unforgivable remorse
What I did then is unpardonable, nevertheless,
I acted upon them

I have got to forgive myself of this stupidity
Life’s don’ts, I have acquired plenty into my bucket
Of mistakes...and now it’s filled up with so much regrets
Oh!! the youthful times – I lived a weak mind

I guess there are no short cuts in life
And every gap has to be filled with tears...
Of joy or of sadness – my river’s passage
Had slithered through waves of little tests

And now, I am coming to the end of my run
So as I take my final gasp of air in past memories -
Along the banks of 'should-haves' and 'could-haves'
Along the banks of 'had I knowns' and 'it's too lates'

I embrace the fullness of the ocean
And she warmly welcomes me after a long trip
The beginning of a new chapter - takes its abode
In the comfort of absolute freedom...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A little Time

(Universe - city Graduation)

Life is only but a journey
Filled with several challenges
Some of us will live it to the fullest
Others will be mere spectators

So I guess we are just passing through
Like sojourners - we are on a short trek...
To embrace our ultimate destiny

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Welcome to Simple Genius FM station
Here, we report live on real events
From then until now - and with the help of our reporters
Earth, moon and stars...

Our hearts have continously been showered with intuitional messages and blessings
Purely to help, resonate and encourage us on our different journeys
And so to all the real artists, musicians, comedians, poets, engineers, etc
To all the real people, who are continuosly doing so much to help make...

This life a better place, we'd like to say - Thank you
It's our life and gift fom us to ourselves
And it's really appreciated - without us there wouldn't be you
And without you there wouldn't be us - this is the family code

Stay tuned to Simple Genius FM station
Where everything is everything

Monday, 14 September 2009

Money's Fury

My hustle had begun since my birth
Some elders didnt know any better
Poisoned milk, poisoned environment
It has been a struggle to find myself

Am I finally coming to the end of this hustle cycle?
Situated at the bottom of the class pile
I looked up to the pinnacle of social pyramid
And embraced the drops of crumbs which fell onto my tongue

My yearn and churn is to touch and awaken
To implant fresh seeds in a barren earth
But my arms are too short to reach forth
Cause its a world of 'money does everything' and I lacked more

So for now, I have become a social writer, perhaps a commentator
And it is one of the reason why my anger and my frustration grows
Although my will is of fire - money made the world turn

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Memories(Last year)

Time flies - it was only like yesterday
When we were in fun land's abundance
Smiles, jokes, and other bits that excites
Ha ha, I thought that day will never die

My family and my friends - Alton Tower's glory
Sweet old memories, in my heart they overflow
Some of the work hard and play hard moments...
Just a summer kit kat break from uni...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Jay Dilla

This is one of the greatest hip hop produers of all time. In my book, he's a genius, he's music and he's everything that prodution is about - Enjoy!!

Yester - year(friends)

Top Picture: Leke Ashiru, Yinka and George(Simple Genius)
Below: Leke Ashiru and Lekan

They say we all came by the same boat
We will disperse and find our ways
Hopefully in the arms of bliss or hell

What happened to the 'staying in touch'
Memories' purpose at full force - remnants of old thoughts...
Sprinkled and saved like backup copies

Between Darkness and Light

Everything that I have been taught
From since I was a suckling tot
Had been based on the fear of an unknown

Unknown reality!! Who makes our decisions now?
My luck is on the run down
As I gear towards the abyss of tears

Life has only become a gamble
Even - more a stumble when you dont hold the dice
Let alone to roll it ...

This will be one hell of a journey to 'para-dice'

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Final Frontier

A dream of seven wonders
A reality of seven doubts
Final horn of freedom whistles
The determinant factor - I will be victorious

The radio's ruffling noise - my shaken frequency
This will be a battle to win back my voice and courage
It is a battle to win back my confidence
The fox is shy - but the eagle is daring

Monday, 7 September 2009

My Twin Soul

The sense and beauty of your touch
Was what I yearned for - in my career of soul searching
I know we will be one - it will only be one day
For I feel your touch whenever I scribble

Deep enough to shake earths and heavens
But sometimes, the reality of patience...
Is like the greatest punishment - I ever dread
For I knew not, when this day will come

Starry Starry Touch

It has been a long time coming
They said Rome was not built in a day
But I timelessly designed galaxies and verses
Like unappreciated wonders and admirations

My next glance casts upon your curvaceous twirls
Like the milky way's curl and my writing style
I shredded my body into pieces and bits
And now I hope you caught a sparkle and a wink...

When you gazed upon that little star tonite
Just be touched and see your soul ignite
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