Monday, 30 November 2009

The 'Now - ledge'

The heavenly sacredness cried out in pain
When the thunder roared like a wounded lion
And the lightening flashed faster than predetermined thoughts
Those in fear of realness sheltered in 'houses'

Ha ha ha ha - It only made me laugh
When I realised and uttered - how long will they fear?
You are returning back to you - but you are so scared of you
Because you hardly knew who you were

When death knocked, change lurked in the shadows
Inevitable reality - life's full cycle was a wobble
Tipping unstable minds to the domain of fear
And yet still the thunder roars -

Roaring in call for the segregated
I was wailing in the tears of joy when birthed
For I was breathing the Omni - past God
The Omni - present God is my walk through this adventure

This Woman's Touch

My darker and mysterious twin
Swimming in my ocean of infinite negativity
Your energy levels were low to be easily bypassed
But annoying like a parasite - so I ignored not

Alternativity - my opinions expanded beyond 'being immediate'
Into 'being universal' - you became the left to my right side
It was equilibrium's beauty so I said - 'I am ever learning'
Don't know it all but shine on me when you find me in dim

Our enigmatic benefits expanded beyond an egg and twins
For we were one in birth, breath and death
But what happened when that bridge was erected in our river?
I flowed on another pathway and so did you

We lost contact, we lost ourselves, we lost everything
It is a soul search - I am ever looking out for you
My every woman - my mystical shadow

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Title - less

Another brilliant piece of production by my favourite producer of all time - Jay Dee. Common has a version of this and that is also off the hook. Hope you guys enjoy this too!!

Love is...
Life is...
God is...

Show me the definer of any of these...
And I will show you a puppet on a string
Because if you are not living all these already,
Then you may still be looking for them...
Or you are better of not breathing at all

Friday, 6 November 2009

Busy bee

My gosh, it has been like forever since updating or posting anything at all. Society has got a grab on me, so now I need to be multi-tasking, attending to other needs that are just as significant. I gotta eat so I've been going for a few job interviews to try and get some food whilst clearing the bills too.

So, I have been digging and picking
I have been digging and picking
I have been digging and picking
My back, muscles and bones are witnesses
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